2017 Spring Fundraising Drive: The KEXP “Communi-tee” Has Heart

Fundraising Drives
Ari Rosenschein

We are proud to unveil the “Communi-tee,” our latest KEXP T-shirt. Chad Syme is the artist behind the new design, which is available exclusively when you support KEXP during the Spring Drive. Donate $100 or more today to power diverse programming on KEXP, and you can choose the exclusive “Communi-tee” as your thank-you gift.

Communi-tee Better Crop for Convio

Chad explains the message at "the heart" of the image:

The outline of each person works to visually establish differences, while the identical red hearts show they are also the same. The larger heart is meant to be the heart of the person wearing the shirt. It is the symbol that connects the wearer to the community of people surrounding the KEXP logo. We are all different and yet we are all one. We all love and support KEXP.

Donate $100 or more today to support independent media and inclusive programming on KEXP. When you wear your “Communi-tee” out, everyone will see that your heart is connected to KEXP and music that matters.

KEXP_Spring2016Drive_DonateButton_4_ONAlso, check back during Spring Drive for a retrospective of Chad Syme’s imaginative designs for KEXP over the years.

Communi-tee for Powerpoint Better