Fall Fundraising Drive: What's Your Reason?

Fundraising Drives

Today is your last chance to donate during KEXP’s Fall Fundraising Drive. All week long, music lovers like you have told us why they choose to power KEXP and make a gift.

“I Power KEXP for the new discoveries, old favorites, and for keeping me motivated while working long hours as a small business owner!” - Andrea in Greenwood

“Like a good friend, KEXP has been with me in good times and bad, has stayed with me as I've moved around the country, makes me laugh, makes me cry, and makes me a better human for having known it.”Jonny in Washington DC

“I’m honestly not sure what I love most: 12+ hour breakdowns of Beastie Boys and De La Soul albums, the Friday Song to remind me that the weekend is almost here or actually hearing TV On The Radio on the radio. Fortunately, I don’t have to choose because KEXP does it all.” Jennifer in Harlem

Actually, Jennifer, you do it all. Listeners who donate are the #1 reason you hear commercial-free "music that matters" on KEXP.

Whatever your reason for listening to KEXP, there’s no better time than today for you to help keep the music going strong. Please, donate right now, while there’s still time.

Power Great Music on KEXP!

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