Midnight In A Perfect World: The Range

Midnight In A Perfect World
Alex Ruder
photo by Alexandra Gavillet

Brooklyn-based electronic producer James Hinton has bubbled up from the underground over the past 5 years under the alias The Range, crafting vibrant and forward-thinking beats and experimental club rhythms on labels such as Astro Nautico, Donky Pitch, Project: Mooncircle, and Domino Records. His latest album, Potential, signaled his most adventurous release to date, uniquely fusing samples from vocalists he discovered on YouTube with his own sharp, intoxicating, varied productions. His exclusive guest DJ mix for Midnight in a Perfect World features a handful of re-worked versions of tracks from his recent album, new original songs featured in the Superimpose mini-documentary that spotlights the creative process behind the album (additional info here), as well as an early look at a bunch of unreleased songs, to get you familiar with his progressive sound.

Midnight in a Perfect WorldIntro
TouristRun (The Range Remix)
The RangeFlorida (Slowed Version)
The RangeReal Mess
The RangeNobody
The RangeNew Lots
The RangeFailure
The RangeSomeday
The RangeTrue Value
The RangeMaterial
Rome FortunePaid Back Loans (The Range Remix Instrumental)
The RangeColor Space
The RangeFlag (Slowed Version)
The RangeDon't Know
The RangeFalling Out Of Phase
The RangeThe Magic
The RangeNaught
The Range1804
The RangeFelt
The RangeNot For Me
The RangeRetune
Midnight in a Perfect WorldOutro

Midnight in a Perfect World, KEXP's weekly hour-long guest DJ show, airs Fridays at midnight. This multi-genre program features eclectic sets by a rotating cast of international and local DJ’s, each building upon a party vibe to kick off your weekend. Midnight in a perfect world is made possible with support from New Belgium Brewing.

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