KEXP DJs Sound Off: Capitol Hill Block Party Picks

Capitol Hill Block Party

Music lovers across the Northwest are pretty pumped for this weekend's Capitol Hill Block Party, and you'd be hard pressed to find a bigger bunch of music nerds than the KEXP DJs. (We mean that as a compliment!) So, who are your on-air hosts excited to see at the festival? Find out below!

  • John Richards: I would have to go with The Joy Formidable based on their KEXP Mural Show performance a few years back (not to mention a great session on The Morning Show). This was when they were unknown in America outside of the KEXP listening audience and they just BROUGHT it that day. I remember it was really hot that day and I had my family with me so we went back stage near the end of their amazing show and as we were standing there by the cooler Ritzy Bryan runs in as the last notes are still echoing outside, rips open the cooler and dunks her entire head in there then turns around and runs back out on stage.
  • Cheryl Waters: Car Seat Headrest, Woods, Washed Out, Wand, Dilly Dally, Israel Nash, Ultimate Painting, ODESZA
  • DJ Sean: Mommy Long Legs! d00d, you're gonna have so much fun at their show dancing to songs about astrology, haunted housewives and cat callers, capped off by, duh, a little role play (between the sheets!). It'll be a blast of slumber party pop punk fun, so don't miss 'em!
  • Quilty 3000: ODESZA + warm summer evening = chilled bliss
  • Nate: Very much looking forward to three Seattle artists/bands: SassyBlack, one half of the great THEESatisfaction; Great Falls, awesome brutal metal/hardcore; and Thunderpussy, the best definition of rock ‘n’ roll since the 70s.
  • Evie: Washed Out, Thunderpussy, and Maiah Manser.
  • Atticus: Wand!! And since it's a very close second, Woods!
  • DJ El Toro: Sango! My feet can’t resist his blend of hip-hop, soul, and Latin sounds.
  • DJ Morgan: ODESZA and Woods

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