Album Premiere: Fruit Bats - Absolute Loser

KEXP Premiere
Jim Beckmann
photo by Annie Beedy

A couple of months ago, we were able to tease the forthcoming album by Fruit Bats, the "reunited" project of one Eric D. Johnson, who broke from his 16-year career under that name, recorded briefly as EDJ, and now is back. His forthcoming album's first song, "From A Soon To Be Ghost Town", which we featured back then, is clearly as much about returning as it is about leaving, as there'll be no one clearing out on hearing it or any of the other new songs, which we're delighted to feature here as a full album premiere. Yes, Absolute Loser is a winner. (You see how EDJ challenges us at every step!) There's no avoiding the too-twee-to-be-actually-wistful tone and the minfully-wry-yet-heartfelt-and-affecting lyrics that have always made Fruit Bats a favorite among KEXP listeners, and Eric D. Johnson doesn't even try to break from the Dustbowl orchestral pop that has grown in complexity with each consecutive Fruit Bats album. If you've loved the band, as so many already have, you'll love this, and if you haven't yet heard Fruit Bats, then Absolute Loser is a terrific place to start.

Listen to all of the new album below, and pick up Absolute Loser when it's released next Friday, May 13, on Easy Sound. Find out more about Fruit Bats on their website and Facebook page.

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