KEXP Presents: NPR Music’s Tiny Desk On The Road

KEXP Presents
Scott Kulicke

It sounds like NPR may have bitten off more than they could chew. When they opened up the NPR Music's Tiny Desk competition recently, they were searching for some of the best unsigned, undiscovered talent in the country. But when they found themselves awash with roughly 6,000 submissions, many of them were too good to ignore. So, after crowning the phenomenal Gaelynn Lea the winner, they've decided to hit the road and show the many, many runner-ups a little love.

This Sunday night at the new, very snazzy KEXP home, we'll be thrilled to be hosting the Seattle stop for NPR Music's Tiny Desk Tour, which'll showcase some of Seattle's best submissions. Some of the faces will be familiar: Love and James, which is Grace Love and Jimmy James of KEXP favorites Grace Love and the True Loves, will be gracing the stage (I had to do it...) alongside veterans St. Paul de Vence and our first ever show with Naomi Wachira.The 21+ event is being thrown partly by Los Angeles' Lagunitas Brewing Company and is FREE, so RSVP now, peel your butt off the couch and your eyes away from Game of Thrones for a few hours this Sunday night, and come by at 6:30 to the KEXP studios down at the Seattle Center.

If you need any more convincing, check out a sample of what's to come:


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