Sasquatch! Music Festival 2016, Day 3: Shamir

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Geran Landen
all photos by Brittany Feenstra

Shamir began his set in relatively mellow fashion, dragging from a cigarette as he and his backing band began the song “Vegas.” The calm at Sasquatch! Music Festival was brief, as by their second song, the El Chupacabra tent became a full blown dance party. Shamir bares himself completely in his music, offering a genuine look into the mind of one of the most talented up and coming artists. His knack for producing is only topped by his vibrant personality and dualistic vocal threat, which is given an extra pop by a drummer and backing vocalist. On stage, the three bobbed and flowed through beats as on fan favorite “On The Regular,” delivering verses that make rappers envious, but also has the vocal talent to open up and soar above the bumping bass, channeling the best of soul artists of the past like they proved on the emotional “Demon.” Shamir's production often recruits the use of brass-samples, which pack a punch and get feet moving in the live setting, but the personality he adds to the dance-ready production is what sets him apart. By the end of the set, it seemed obvious to everyone in the tent that it would be less a question if Shamir would take the world by storm - more a question of when.

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