Sasquatch! Music Festival 2016, Day 1: Wolf Alice

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Geran Landen
photos by Matthew B. Thompson

Wolf Alice closed out their American tour at Sasquatch! Music Festival Friday night, leaving all venues in their rear-view in flames. The Yeti Stage was no different, as the group alternated between the heavy dissonance of their squealing guitars and the angelic pop-hooks of lead woman Ellie Roswell. The London group that started as a folk-pop two piece, took their name form an Angela Chamber story, which put a dark twist on classic fairy tales. The group lives up to their namesake, twisting dark, grimy sounds with catchy vocal cadences. It’s a sound that feels more than comfortable in the birth-state of grunge with their grimy spin on brit glam-pop, and the reactions they generated from the crowd were more than homely. As the band left the stage with the ringing melody of “Moana Lisa Smile” still in the background to a raucous crowd, it was clear Sasquatch! had served as a fitting American send off for the band.

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