Sasquatch! Music Festival 2016, Day 1: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Sasquatch, Live Performances
Geran Landen
all photos by Brittany Feenstra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra has not slowed down since releasing the spectacular 2015 album, Multi-Love. The band has been on an ambitious world tour since the release of the album, and solved many people’s first world problem of a lack of new UMO music last week by releasing a new single. Aptly titled “First World Problem,” the single infuses a dark disco vibe into the always soulful lyrics of Ruban Nielson. Between touring the album and cutting a new track, the group also found time to contribute to a Grateful Dead tribute album with their version of “Shakedown Street.” Despite all the work the group is seemingly putting in in the studio, the band’s live show is still in prime condition. At Sasquatch! Music Festival the bass and percussion were accented with an extra staccato, and the group put on the tightest show possible for a band considered to be connoisseurs of loose psych music. Their music wanders with direction, and delivered the Sasquatch crowd a punch not found in their studio recordings.

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