Live Video: Wussy

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Amber Knecht (view set)

Collectors of kitsch and arcane Americana in their private lives, Cincinnati's Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker are also accumulators of high praise with their band, Wussy. Over the past 15 years, from when they first formed as a duo, the now five-piece has built a loyal fanbase and gathered a wealth of critical reviews, including, most notably, Robert Christgau lauding them in 2012 as "the best band in America", though he added then, "only nobody knows it". Fortunately, in 2016, Wussy are no lost relics, as more people are discovering their music and packing their shows. Forever Sounds, their sixth full-length, finds the band at their most sonically adventurous yet, while continuing what they do best: flipping rocks in our cultural subconscious and blowing dust off our attic-ed memories. You don't need to look any further for your favorite band. The best one is right here:

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