Review Revue: Alien Sex Fiend - Who's Been Sleeping in My Brain?

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

The lively 1984 discussion that took place among the KCMU DJ-erati on the cover of the first LP by Alien Sex Fiend might just take the prize for greatest number of words with the least to do with the music at hand. It definitely has the most anagrams I've ever come across in my years of doing this series. It seems at least a few reviewers found the band to be "boring" (which really is one of the least thoughtful criticisms you can wield upon something), which set things off in all manner of directions.

I'm not sure whose career longevity is more impressive, that of Alien Sex Fiend or that of Tacoma landscaper Pat Boring, whose name somehow got dragged into this whole thing through no fault of his own. (Mr. Boring, if a Google Alert brings you to this web page and you're wondering what in the world is going on, please accept my apology on behalf of the 1984 KCMU DJs.)

"More of that 'Batcave' sound, with some great lyrics... 'It's more than just a haircut, more than meets the eye...' says the liner sleeve. IMPORT."

"Yeah, it's more than a haircut, it's @!*$ boring as hell."

"What is Boring? [The following list includes a check box next to each item, each of which have been checked in a different color pen.]_ New, wierd [sic], slow_ Old, same, fast_ You_ Me_ KCMU_ KYYX_ The Rolling Stones_ The Beatles_ The man who plays sax on the Ave._ Everything_ Nothing_ Dean Martin [this was added by someone else]What is Boring?"

"I think I'll jut go kill myself."

"Pat Boring is a man who does landscape in Tacoma, WA. He did my parents [sic] house..."

[Another check box with "Alien Sex Fiend" written next to it, then the whole thing scribbled out.]

"This is pretty boring, all right. But 'anagram' is a great name for a record label. Quickly, now: an anagram for Alien Sex Fiend is: 1) 'Asinine Ex Fled.' Which is, of course, a National Enquirer headline about Johnny Carson's divorce. Don't like that one? How about: 2) 'Exile Nine Fads,' the horrifying tale of the expulsion of all Britain's synthesizer bands. Don't like that either? Okay, how about 3) 'Slain Nee Fixed'? Bet you didn't even know nees could die. And there's bunches more, too: 4) Felines Axed In! 5) Snail Index Fee, which ought to be abolished, and 6) Exene Nails Fin. [That's missing the 'd,' but 'Exene Nails Find' works too.] Hmmm."

"_ Asinine DJ's with rectal-cranial inversions." [Another check-box item.]

"Hey, that's not nice! Neither is not owning up to your comments, asinine or otherwise."

"Fabian's neck cleaned."

"Try the first 3 cuts on side 'A' or the 3rd cut on side 'B'... they're great, none of this damn poofy stuff." [Any points gained for trying to bring the conversation back to the music this late in the game unfortunately lost due to the 'poofy' comment.]

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