Help Build the New Mural at KEXP!

KEXP New Home
photo courtesy of the artist

If you've walked by the northwest corner of the Seattle Center recently, you've probably noticed an artist busy at work decorating KEXP's new home. This spring, Aramis Hamer is creating a temporary mural on the north wall of our building, which will be completed by April 16th, just in time for KEXP's Grand Opening.

Hamer’s mural will celebrate Seattle’s diverse communities and reflect the history and evolution of the music industry. Her vibrant mural, which will take viewers from KEXP’s library to the entrance of Seattle Center, will include acrylic paint and objects, from LPs and cassettes to CDs. The mural will engage the imagination as a fitting tribute the KEXP’s new offices and studio. According to Hamer, “Music is definitely one of my main inspirations. Songs are like stories and while listening to the lyrics, an image forms in my mind inspiring the next piece.”

Most importantly, Aramis Hamer invites you to participate and contribute to her art! This Saturday, March 19th, from 2-5 PM, Aramis will host a community information and engagement session next door at The Vera Project. She's asking anyone interested to bring their retired music ephemera – CDs, LPs, and cassette tapes (1-2 items per person, please) — which will become sculptural elements in the mural. Find out more here.

photo courtesy of the artist

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