KEXP Suggests: Sex, Drugs, Rock & Soul (A Grace Love Musical) 2/27

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Madison Killian

“This a coming of age story starting after the death of my mother and clinging on just life by using sex, drugs to cope and falling in love with music again,” says beloved local musician Grace Love of her upcoming one-woman concert and musical, Sex, Drugs, Rock & Soul.

This autobiographical performance showcases the powerhouse’s range of talents and takes you along the singers journey. “ This started as an entry in a journal and then the characters formed,” Grace explained “Music is personified.”

“Sex, Drugs, Rock & Soul” is literally a journal entry come to life, a performance a long time coming for Grace Love. “The process has been intense and eye opening and amazing. I am blessed.”

The show, a one-time event is being held at the Vera Project on Saturday, February 27th. The show starts at 6:00 but doors open at 5:30.

This musical is only a small facet of Love’s big picture. Nadine’s Cafe, Grace’s impending restaurant and non-profit organization is also an homage to her journey, her mother, and to how far she’s come.

“This is the night I am hoping to raise the money to start my cart Nadine’s in Seattle, WA.  This will help open the cart as we gain momentum to open the non-profit, Nadine’s House, - Winter 2016.”

Tickets to this show can be purchased here, and you can keep up with Grace Love on her band's website and their Facebook page.

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