KEXP Premiere: Posse - Perfect H

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Janice Headley
photo by Allyce Andrew (view set)

Over the years, KEXP has been watching local trio Posse evolve, from their 2012 performance at our Concerts at the Mural series to their 2014 Audioasis session in support of their self-released album Soft Opening. Today, we present the latest chapter in the young Seattle band's story as we premiere the song "Perfect H."

In the spirit of veteran slowcore bands like Galaxie 500, Slowdive, and Low, "Perfect H" is a tranquil, dreamy track, propelled by quiet percussion and the call-and-response spoken-style vocals of Paul Whittmann-Todd and Sacha Maxim. The band describe the feeling behind the introspective single:You're on the phone: the person on the other end is talking. You hear a voice, you hear voices: from behind you, around you. Reminiscent of people, places, things, stuff you cared about, stuff you never gave a shit about. Listening now, barely audible over the noise coming through the receiver, you feel connections you can't quite articulate: the colors of time, gradients, cycles, trees, boundaries, nothingness. What's that? Someone is trying to get your attention. On the receiver, the other end of the line: sounds like you? Maybe? They're trying to get you to stop talking. They're saying they hear voices. You want to hang up, but the phone is not a phone. The phone is a switch. You throw the switch, the lights go out, and you're left in the darkness, alone.

The "Perfect H" b/w "Voices" 7" single is limited to 300 vinyl copies, available Friday, February 26th via Wharf Cat Records. Pre-order has already begun here. The band recently recorded their next full length album at The Unknown in Anacortes, Washington, and will be playing Friday, January 22nd at The Factory [1216 10th Avenue, Seattle] with Tenderfoot and Shenandoah Davis.

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