KEXP's Audioasis Presents: MASZER, WILD POWWERS and Evening Bell this Friday!

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This Friday, January 8th, KEXP's Audioasis presents an evening of cosmic roots-rock, garage glam and desert psychedelia with Seattle bands MASZER, WILD POWWERS and Evening Bell.

Headliners MASZER recently dazzled audiences at Macefield Music Fest and LoFi with their blend of classic psych rock, desert drone and Middle Eastern grooves (principle song-writer David T. Rapaport, a.k.a. STITCX, originally hails from Tel Aviv), held aloft by Seattle-based singer Katie Blackstock's etherial vocals. Textured and kaleidoscopic, it's a sound that never gets lost in the clouds as STITCX and drummer Jo Braley, former members of Reignwolf, drive entrancing, earth-ridden grooves. Local garage-glam band POWWERS begin 2016 with a new name, WILD POWWERS, and are sure to provide ample support with their heavy riffs, pounding rhythms, flamboyant stage presence and Lara Hilgeman's epic rock vocals (think Lita Ford, Grace Slick, etc.). Raring to go after finishing a late-year tour with Fall of Troy, WILD POWWERS should be ready to tear it up and, we'd expect, perform new songs from their forthcoming LP, Hugs And Kisses And Other Things.

Opening the night is Evening Bell, a collaboration between Ballard-songwriters Hart Kingsbery (Davidson Hart Kingsbery) and Caitlin Sherman (Slow Skate), who'll share their rootsy, psychedelic and distinctly northwestern sound with a full live band.

Also, local director Ryan Jorgensen will be on hand to screen two brand new videos, for MASZER and Evening Bell.

MASZER will premiere “Roar”, shot in an empty warehouse on one of the coldest days in Seattle, with the band body-painted and half-naked. Says Jorgensen: “The image of these three stark-white, shivering, beautiful rockers huddling around their "fire" was pretty hilarious. We wanted the video to be like a live show on extra drugs, so, save for the glowing pyramid, the only source of light were two projectors.”

Evening Bell will screen their video for “Strange Mamma,” the first single on their forthcoming album, Dying Stars, a song premiered earlier on The Roadhouse with Don Slack. Jorgensen shot the video at the Tractor Tavern and says, "It's entertaining to me that we'll be showing this video of the band playing live at the Tractor with a white sheet and projections, moments before [the band plays] live at the Tractor with a white projection sheet hanging behind them.” Get your tickets for Friday's show here and get a preview of both videos to be screened at the Tractor that night, right here, right now:

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