Live Video: Vök at Iceland Airwaves

Live Video, Iceland Airwaves
Jim Beckmann
photo by Matthew B. Thompson (view set)

KEXP has been incredibly fortunate to return to Iceland these past six years, not only to discover new artists to share with our listeners, but also to witness the astounding growth of bands like Vök. When we first heard them in 2013, Vök had recently formed, starting as a duo and winning Músíktilraunir (Iceland’s battle of the bands) earlier that year. We were impressed enough with the few songs we heard that we added them to our 2013 broadcast, and though their set was endearingly raw (including a few technical glitches), it promised greater things to come. And in 2015, Vök have delivered! They've since refined their dreamy electro-pop sound, released a solid new EP, Circles, and dramatically upped their live show, as witnessed by the packed house at KEX Hostel in Reykjavik during KEXP's broadcast from Iceland Airwaves. Get into their grove and join Vök's growing legion of fans by watching their emotive live set now:

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