Sasquatch! Music Festival 2016, Day 4: Caribou

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Geran Landen
all photos by Brittany Feenstra

Dan Snaith may have started Caribou as a sample-heavy solo project, but after his set at Sasquatch! Music Festival, it is hard to think of Caribou as anything but a live band. Such was the effect of Snaith and his three touring companion’s show Sunday. While Caribou’s more recent work contains a bevy of live samples and certainly has a sound tailored more to a live performance, Caribou also effectively played older tracks less fit for easy live conversion flawlessly. Backed by warm colors that reflected the wash of sound characteristic of Snaith's music, the group worked their way through an extensive set that covered favorites of the past while putting an emphasis on the excellent 2015 release Our Love. Whether Snaith was conducting bass heavy breakdowns from his midi instruments, singing his vocal samples or duking it out with fellow drummer Brad Weber on a drum kit of his own, Snaith showed the El Chupacabra tent how much more explosive and intriguing even the best of electronic music can get when played with a live band and a visionary mind like Snaith's.

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