Live Video: Lower Dens

Live Video
Bella Pham
photo by Alan Lawrence (view set)

Live in the KEXP studio, Lower Dens presents us with a sound that we didn't know we've been waiting for, half-nostalgic, half refreshing. Formed in Baltimore in 2010, Lower Dens is comprised of Jana Hunter, Geoff Graham, Nate Nelson, and Walker Trent. Their audacious third album, Escape From Evil, released just last spring on Ribbon Music, is a "conscious shift" from their dark and textural 2012 release, Nootropics. Engaging and catchy, Escape From Evil is pop at its purest - a slick, shimmering, and a synth-heavy love letter to the 80's. Hunter's clear, confident vocals cut through disorientingly groovy guitar riffs and easily danceable beats to take us on a sonic exploration of both the past and the future of pop. Don't hesitate to dance with us and Lower Dens as you watch them perform live in the KEXP studio, here:

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