Review Revue: Dos - Numero Dos

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Dos, the fearsome bass duo of Mike Watt and Kira Roessler, belongs to that rarefied class of bands that I know I love without ever having knowingly heard them. Their music is played entirely on two basses, the charmingly low-key punk rock hero Mike Watt is half of the band, they seem to love what they do without making too big of a deal about it, most of their album titles are pretty much the same, and they have this adorable web page that they've probably completely forgotten exists. I don't need to hear their music to want to shout ¡Viva Dos! at the top of my lungs.

"Mike Watt (Minutemen/Firehose) + Kira (Black Flag). Two basses + some intermittent vocals. Interesting new concept + interesting new music as well. The Sonic Youth cover is simply great! The new recorded definition of 'Heavy, Heavy.' Yum!"

"'Silence' is real good."

"Producer Ethan James is from Savage Republic. [No wonder everyone loves it!] This is all much more quiet than I would've expected considering the bands these folks've been in."

"Sparse, but nice. I believe Mike + Kira are married." [They were then. They're not anymore, but that didn't stop them remaining a band. Another reason to love them!]

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