Review Revue: Doll Congress - Doll Congress EP

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

I learn so much writing these blog posts! For instance, did you know that Michael Penn (whom you probably first heard about for his delightfully earwormy 1989 hit "No Myth," but has since done many serious and critically acclaimed things - not that there's anything unserious about "No Myth," that's a straightup pop gem right there) used to be in a band called Doll Congress? It's true! They seem not to have found much popularity outside of Los Angeles, but they did create this EP that found its way all the way up here to KCMU. It features a cover of the mid-'60s tune "Concrete and Clay" by Unit Four Plus Two. Oh, did you not know there was a band called Unit Four Plus Two in the '60s that had a hit called "Concrete and Clay"? Me either! So much learning! I can't find Doll Congress's version on Youtube, but just try listening to the original back to back with "The Main," the one song by Doll Congress I could find on Youtube, and then let your mind roam as you try to imagine what their cover sounded like.

"A whispery vocalled mock remake of Unit 4 + 2's 'Concrete and Clay'... at least one DJ here loves this... but it does nothing for me. 2.1 - more standard rock. 2.2 - bad rhythms for digestion."

"Well I don't love it, but it's not that bad. 2-2 has Bowie vocals + Talking Heads-ish beat. At least try it."

'Concrete + Clay' is excellent as is the rest of this EP. All 3 songs are done in very different styles. Play any of them!"


"Not bad for Hollywood!"

"'Easier to Touch' - Yes!!"

"This I like. 'Easy to Touch.'"

"Michael Penn is Sean Penn's brother - this was before his burgeoning solo career." [Looks like someone dug this up in '89, post-"No Myth," to give everyone the skinny on Mr. Penn. Nice to see it was still getting play several years later.]

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