Live Video: Toro Y Moi

Live Video
Casey Dunau
photo by Andy Bokanev (view set)

If Chaz Bundick, a.k.a. multi-instrumentalist/producer Toro Y Moi, is one of the founding fathers of chillwave, he seems to have defected in recent years to a rogue nation operating under somewhat looser rules and conditions. In this new land, framed by Bundick’s most recent LP, What For?, a greater range of pop music thrives, albeit under the same smart, fluid, and groovy tenets that have safely guided Toro Y Moi through his varied and sustaining career. As evidenced by the splendid KEXP live session, the additions of funk, rock, and psych elements allow the live band version of Toro Y Moi to flourish. Whether it be on the head bobbing hard stops of “Buffalo”, or the all-American guitar solo in “Empty Nesters”, the new material connects as much in performance as in production without losing any of Bundick's traditional laid-back charm. Get your vibe on now:

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