Live Video: Palma Violets

Live Video
Bella Pham

photo by Dave Lichterman (view set)

Flaunting a swagger similar to that of The Clash and The Libertines, Palma Violets is the kind of rock-and-roll band we all secretly wish we were a part of. Bandmates Samuel Fryer (vocals, guitar), Chilli Jesson (vocals, bass), Jeffrey Mayhew (keys), and Will Doyle (drums) are young, sure, but they radiate a sort of youthful brilliance and passion, and that effect in itself is sensational. Their stylish new album, Danger in the Club, sonically hovers between garage and psych rock for a raw, unpolished sound - in a good way, that makes us ache for a chance to see it performed live. Palma Violets is surely first and foremost an excellent live band, exuding refreshing energy and easy confidence in the KEXP studio, which you can see for yourself, right here:

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