Inside Paul's Boutique: Interviews with The Dust Brothers


As we step inside Paul's Boutique today, we're are exploring all of the intricate and diverse elements that have made Beastie Boys's second LP so revolutionary. Perhaps no greater element to the genesis and genius of the album was the Beasties' collaboration with the Dust Brothers, two friends who, while in college, experimented with music sampling back before it was cool to do so. KEXP's John Richards spoke with both Dust Brothers, Mike Simpson and John King, about how it all got started:

Read more about the making of this seminal album here, and tune in all day today to KEXP, from 6AM until 6PM, as DJs John Richards, Cheryl Waters, and Kevin Cole meticulously dissect Paul's Boutique, playing all 15 album tracks, more than 100 sampled selections, plus rare bonus tracks, demos and more!

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