Live Video: Bowling with Shakey Graves

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Amber (Zbitnoff) Knecht (view set)

Raising money is fun! As we think of new ways to connect KEXP supporters with their favorite artists during our KEXP's New Home campaign, no idea is off the table - not even bowling with Shakey Graves. As it turns out, the young Texas troubadour and his band are big-time bowlers, so much so that they got matching 12-pin tattoos on their arms, and Shakey was more than happy to play live right on the lanes of Garage, a swank Seattle billiards and pool hall, and then throw rocks for a few games with his fans. It couldn't have been a more perfect afternoon for everyone. If you weren't there to witness Shakey's hambone, you can watch his full performance, which we've captured here for you. We even pulled out a one-of-a_kind moment as fan Cody backs up Shakey as his Esmé (Patterson) on "Dearly Departed". Check out the videos and photos from this amazing event, and stay tuned to KEXP for more opportunities like this to support the station where the music matters on our campaign to build our new home:

More photos by Amber (Zbitnoff) Knecht:

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