Live Video: The Dø

Live Video
Geran Landen
photo by Chad Syme (view set)

Donning a red jump suit, Olivia Merilahti, vocalist of The Dø, looked as if she took the spacey ambiance of the KEXP studio to heart and, based on the sonic transformation The Dø's sound undertook in the creation of their third album, it was a fitting sentiment. Leaving acoustic instruments behind, the French/Finish duo filled Shake Shook Shaken with space age synths and rapid fire drum machines making it reedy it dance floor ready. They claim they wanted to use "the least gear as possible", but the resulting sound is massive enough to win rock album of the year at the French Victoires De La Musique. In-studio at KEXP, The Dø, joined by their touring drummer, brought their new style of high energy fun and danced their way through the set, proving that even they are not immune to their infectious melodies and engaging beats. Check out their stellar performance now:

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