Song Premiere: Say Hi - Creatures of the Night

Local Music, KEXP Premiere
Janice Headley
photo by Jenny Jimenez

KEXP is delighted to sink our fangs into the worldwide premiere of a new track from Seattle's own Say Hi, a.k.a. Eric Elbogen. Elbogen follows up his 2006 vampire concept album Impeccable Blahs with the sun-shy sequel, Bleeders Digest, a continuation on the exploration of their lives, through song.

Today's debut is appropriately titled "Creatures Of The Night," and Elbogen explains it's "a story about two lovable vampire-roommates. What would you do if you didn't sleep and had to stay indoors all day long? Aldo and Tina have a routine to keep themselves busy. And the details are more humanizing and tender than you think!"

Bleeders Digest hits stores on September 18th via Barsuk Records. He'll be touring Australia later this summer with Death Cab for Cutie with a lengthy North American tour planned for the fall.

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