Live Video: Surfer Blood

Live Video
Geran Landen
photo by Matthew Thompson (view set)

As DJ Cheryl Waters points out, Surfer Blood may not be the same "pen of puppies" they were in 2009, but on their newest release, 1000 Palms, they go back to their DIY roots. No longer with a major label looking over their shoulder and now with years of touring experience under their belt, the Florida group has never sounded better. This was evident in their live studio set, as Surfer Blood played through the plucky guitars of "Dorian," the melodic haze of "Island" and the ethereal twang of "I Can't Explain" before sharing a great cover of Polaris's "Hey Sandy". Catch some sun with Surfer Blood in the KEXP studio.

While the group's sunny, guitar driven sound and performance in the KEXP studio was anything but lacking, the absence of guitarist Thomas Fekete was certainly still felt. Fekete, who worked on 1000 Palms with bandmates John Paul Pitts, Tyler Schwarz, and Kevin Williams, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that has prevented him from touring. With fellow Floridian Mikey McCleary ably stepping in, Surfer Blood is raising awareness and money to fund Fekete's medical costs. Find out more here.

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