Live Video: The Twilight Sad

Live Video
Jacob Webb
photo by Alex Crick (view set)

The Twilight Sad have always specialized in making the darker side of humanity seem so grandiose and alluring, but they've never made gloom quite so emotive and magnetic as they do on their fourth album, Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave. When the Scottish band brought six cuts from their latest album to The Triple Door for a KEXP VIP Club Concert, the group's hazy crush was captivating from the opening notes of "There's a Girl in the Corner" to the final drones of the massive closer "The Wrong Car". As sharply sardonic as ever in between songs ("After that really nice message, here's a song called 'Drown So I Can Watch'"), singer James Graham led the lads through through nebulous ballads and leveling, feedback-drenched laments alike. After a difficult period leading up to the album, Nobody Wants To Leave breathed new life into the wearying band, and the performance below shows that they're more fiery than ever in their chase to convert their anguish into anthems.

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