Sasquatch 2015, Day 3: Strand of Oaks

Jacob Webb
photos by Brittany Bollay

Sunday afternoon was a triumphant moment for Strand of Oaks' Timothy Showalter. "The Pacific Northwest has been so good to this band," the long-haired frontman sincerely stated. "We love being here so much." He wasn't kidding. Showalter wore a glowing grin through almost of all of the set, which is appropriate, considering how significant the last year has been for him. Although the circumstances that led him to make 2014's excellent HEAL were difficult to say the least, the album and its ensuing tour has brought Showalter the most success he's had to date, and the band played exactly like a group coming out on the other side of catharsis would: loud, hard, and anthemic. From "Goshen '97" to "Same Emotion" to "Shut In", the rocked-up HEAL tracks hit more immediately than their studio counterparts, making the afternoon set the first, and maybe best, of the rock-heavy afternoon. As Showalter noted, Sasquatch was the first festival to book Strand of Oaks, and their Bigfoot stage appearance was nothing less than a triumphant vote of confidence in that move.

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