KEXP Presents: Audioasis Community Partnership & Benefit Show 5/2

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Audioasis Team

by McKenna Haley

May’s Community Partnership Benefit Show is coming up on Saturday, May 2nd at The Sunset. This month’s show is in support of City Fruit, a group that is passionate about helping tree owners grow healthy fruit, provide assistance in harvesting and preserving the fruit as well as promote the sharing of extra fruit and protection of urban fruit trees.

This month’s benefit concert will showcase the range that indie music in Seattle has to offer with local bands The Weather, Navvi, and Winnebago. Be sure to give them a listen before you head out to the show this weekend!The Weather:With a change in style comes a new band name. The Weather, formerly Campfire OK, has slowly been unveiling that new style — having only officially released one single so far — and from what I can tell their forthcoming debut album under the new moniker will be more pop-rock focused than the previous Campfire OK albums. I’m eager to hear some more new songs from this group and can only imagine how hard I’ll boogie on Saturday night.

Navvi:This electronic duo leans more toward the dreamy pop side of indie music. Their EP is full of songs that mix haunting vocals and ethereal sounds with a storytelling approach that pulls people in. Songs like “Weekends” exhibit the constant push and pull between floating choruses and grounding lyrics, which is a rare mix that Navvi seems to pull off quite easily. I find myself lost in their songs and wondering — but not worried about — where they’ll take me. I can guarantee that some great Seattle swaying and head bobbing that will take place during their set.

Winnebago:Winnebago reminds me of driving along the coast really early in the morning and is the perfect marriage between musical inspiration from Seattle and Central California — something that I find myself really drawn to. Their drifty sound is lo-fi at heart with a quiet confidence. Though their Bandcamp page gives a special note of thanks to their neighbors for “putting up with our noise through all of this,” I can’t imagine a neighbor who would be upset to live next to someone making pretty music like this. Be sure to head out early to catch these dudes!

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