KEXP Q&A: Ryan Granger of The Grizzled Mighty

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Jake Uitti
photo by Joe Linton

The duo behind The Grizzled Mighty play hard, up-tempo rock. Their big, beefy chords and frenetic drumming inspire the blood cells running in your veins to speed up and push you to new heights. Don't believe us? You can check out the band's new album here and go see them live at Neumos today (Saturday, February 21st). In the mean time, read about Saturday's bill, why saxophone intrigues the group and much more below.

There is a very recognizable Seattle quality to your music, almost as if it was cultivated in the late 80’s and early 90’s and just found in some time capsule now to be distributed. How does this idea resonate with you? Does it feel true or is it far off base?

I think it's true, but not necessarily the intent. It just comes out that way. I think the attitude behind the music is the same. It's like shaking up a bottle of Andre and not caring who gets hit in the eye when the cork pops off.Who are your heroes?

John Montagu (4th Earl of Sandwich and inventor of the sandwich), Dan Runte (set the world monster truck long jump record – see video here), Les Stroud (host of tv show Survivorman).

If you had to replace all the guitars in your band with other instruments – something I imagine that would be very constricting – what would you choose?

Saxaphone. But the only song I would want to play would be "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty.

There’s a song on the new record called “Miles Of Cocaine”. What is the band’s relationship to drugs? 

Love 'em.

If you could sit with one musician from history and ask him or her questions for an hour, who would you choose? What part of your own songwriting would benefit?

David Lee Roth. I don't know if my songwriting would improve, but my high kicks would.

You have a show on Saturday, February 21st with Smokey Brights, Constant Lovers and Cabana to celebrate the release of your new record, Closed Knuckle Jaw. First, what’s the significance of the album title? And, second, what does this bill mean to you?

Closed Knuckle – tight or clenched. So it means clenched jaw, like you're grinding your teeth. It's a line from the song "For The Sake Of It All" and I thought it fit the vibe of the album.

I think all the bands playing on Saturday are all on their way up and in for the best year they've had. And moreover, they're good groups of people. That's a good combo.

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