Live Video: Julia Holter

Live Video
Jacob Webb
photo by Niffer Calderwood (view set)

When Julia Holter sings "Can I feel you?" on "Feel You", it's more of a question of capability than one of permission, recalling a feeling of faint familiarity mixed with a lingering inquisitiveness. That gap between existing in a moment and fully grasping it is where the songs on Have You In My Wilderness, Holter's fourth album, reside. The California musician's songs have always been a gateway to a resplendent musical landscape, but Holter's latest group of songs are imbued with a particularly striking sense of adventure. Using her radiant voice as a central thread through the album's winding stylistic path, Holter and her three-piece band weave through the expansive palette of the songs with a graceful strength. During her recent in-studio session at KEXP, Holter invited listeners into her latest universe, one that that reveals itself in unexpected layers as you go deeper and deeper, rarely searching for the end of the road because the scenes along the way are so striking. Follow Holter into her intriguing domain.

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