Live Video: Enchanted Hunters

Live Video, OFF Festival
photo by Jim Bennett (view set)

Dream-pop quartet Enchanted Hunters was formed in Gdańsk, in north Poland, by Małgorzata Penkalla. What originally started as a solo project truly flourished with the addition of new band members: in 2012, they released their debut Peoria, followed by the Little Crushes EP last year. Their music has been described as "what could possibly happen if Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver and Dirty Projectors got lost all together deep inside Polish woods and composed these tunes while jamming with a nice cup of mulled wine." Watch the group perform from the historic jazz club Fantom during the OFF Festival in Katowice, Poland.

Check back next Tuesday for more in our series of Polish artists recorded by KEXP in Katowice, Poland, made possible by the OFF Festival and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute's Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland! initiative.

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