KEXP Presents: World AIDS Day Concert at Showbox at the Market 12/1

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This Tuesday, December 1st, KEXP, in partnership with Lifelong, presents the 2015 KEXP World AIDS Day Concert at The Showbox at the Market. Enjoy a FREE concert from Ivan and Alyosha, Fly Moon Royalty, and Graig Markel and the 88th St. Band, with KEXP's own DJ Darek Mazzone, as we shed light on the worldwide observance of those affected by HIV and AIDS.

The KEXP World AIDS Day Concert will follow a full day of events in the community centered on World AIDS Day, including fundraising, informational, and awareness-building events carried out by several partner organizations in the local community.

"Many people from all walks of life - for over 34 years - have been infected and affected by this disease - almost 13,100+ are living with HIV disease right here in our state," said Scott Bertani, Lifelong's Director of Prevention Education & Community Relations. "And regardless of a person's sexual orientation, socioeconomic or demographic background, likes or dislikes, HIV disease doesn't discriminate, and neither should our commitment to seeing an end to AIDS.""That's why programs like KEXP World AIDS Day Concert are so vital to getting the message that HIV disease is still here - still in our community. And while we often see this disease targeting the most marginalized in our community, we also know it doesn't have to happen; not these days. Not with enhanced access to treatment and testing, care and prevention services, pre-exposure and post-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP and PEP) - just to name a few."

"And until there's a cure, there is so much work that still needs to get done, and one of the best ways to support the mission is to come together on days like World AIDS Day - to rededicate ourselves, to talk about it, to remember all those who passed, and... to dance."

This all-ages event is FREE and open to all. Doors open at 6:00 PM, and the event will run 'til 10:00 PM. The Showbox at the Market is located at 1426 1st Avenue.

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