Live Review: Macefield Music Festival, Day 2

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Talia Shapiro
Erin Jorgensen // photo by Greg Stonebraker

The second day of the Macefield Music Festival featured indie musicians spanning punk, folk, pop, rock, hip hop, and just about every hybrid in between, as Seattle residents continued to enjoy shows from some of their favorite groups. The festival brought artists together for an unforgettably diverse lineup and fans connected over a common appreciation of musical creativity.

Singer and composer Erin Jorgensen started the day off on the KEXP Mainstage with her concert-sized marimba and ambient sound. On a heavier note, Princess brought punk metal mayhem to Sunset Tavern that can only be described as "sonic kick to the teeth." Real Don Music frontman DJ Kirk Huffman presented an eclectic opening set of deeply groovy, smooth and jammy mixes at Tractor Tavern. The Union Gospel performed an impeccable show at Conor Byrne Pub as Dejha Colantuono sang her entire soul into every inch of the room while the band provided a strong rock backbone.

Princess // photo by Melissa Wax
Originally hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, the upbeat dream pop, post punk band 60 Tigres enticed passerby to the Mainstage for tunes from the band's new album Frenesí (which aptly translates to "Frenzy"). Wiscon, known for pushing musical boundaries and injecting vitality into the Seattle music scene, brought an wide-ranging and innovative set to Sunset Tavern. Onstage visual effects played a integral role in Lazer Kitty's performance at Tractor Tavern; when paired with dreamy synths and drum machines, they created "their own sonic wilderness." Five-piece band The Ramblin Years filled Conor Byrne Pub to the rafters with catchy alt-country riffs and heartfelt lyrics.

60 Tigres // photo by Melissa Wax

Wiscon // photo by Greg Stonebraker

Wiscon // photo by Greg Stonebraker

Lazer Kitty // photo by Morgan Schuler

Lazer Kitty // photo by Morgan Schuler

Hip hop artist OC Notes, a.k.a. Otis Calvin III, beat-boxed across the Mainstage in the last rays of daylight while Gibralter delivered a driving power pop set with vibrant guitar leads at Sunset Tavern. Theoretics take pride in following their own path of originality without compromising their art, and this was palpable as the five piece livetronica band flawlessly blended live and programmed elements to captivate onlookers at Tractor Tavern. Everyone in Conor Byrne Pub was tapping a foot to the jammy, rock-soul revival songs of Lanford Black. Even as they sang of heartbreak, it was clear the group was having fun on stage, and the guitar riffs were brightly upbeat.

OC Notes // photo by Greg Stonebraker

Gibralter // photo by Melissa Wax

Theoretics // photo by Morgan Schuler 

At the Mainstage, Ayron Jones showcased the unique heavy blues guitar style that has earned him a reputation as one of the best guitar players in Seattle. RayGun and The Doctor, the duo that comprise Future Shock, could be seen walking the streets of Ballard pre-set, recognizable only by the provocative birdlike masks they don to hide their true identity. At Sunset, fans were treated to a danceable afro new wave performance where the music was truly the focus. Most recently celebrated as an essential member of Queens of the Stone Age, Mark Lanegan has collaborated with the likes of Kurt Cobain, Lead Belly, and many other talented artists. During his solo show at the Mainstage, Lanegan's gravelly vocals mingled with the packed crowd as fans across the spectrum of musical preference gathered for a slow and nuanced headlining set.

Ayron Jones // photo by Greg Stonebraker

Mark Lanegan // photo by Greg Stonebraker

Mark Lanegan // photo by Morgan Schuler

With elements of punk, surf, and rock, The Kent 3 delivered a brightly unique performance at Sunset. It was a packed room for Evening Bell at Tractor Tavern, with fans standing on outlying benches to catch a better view of the band, as couples broke out in outlaw swing dance to the twang of the guitars. Lures brought uptempo surf rock to Conor Byrne Pub with loose arrangements and lo-fi vocals.

Evening Bell // photo by Melissa Wax

Evening Bell // photo by Morgan Schuler

Lures // photo by Morgen Schuler

The four founding members of garage punk rock band Girl Trouble have been together for over 30 years and have played in just about every punk dive in the Pacific Northwest. They know their way around the stage, and the Sunset was no exception. It was obvious from their musical chemistry that Mikey and Matty, a.k.a. Michael and Matthew Gervaisare, are brothers, and they intertwined elements of ’70s folk and ’90s indie rock at Tractor Tavern. Corespondents brought experimental, instrumental stylings to Conor Byrne with amplified strings and drums to appeal to "metal heads, noisers, guitar-wankers, audiophiles, tech-heads, swingers and the blues."

Mikey and Matty // photo by Morgan Schuler

The sultry sweet vocals and bubblegum pink dress of Leeni Ramadan were central to the retro-influenced pop band Prom Queen's set at Hotel Albatross. Headliners Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter delivered a dark, hypnotic, avant-garde mix of classic country rock and heavy-doom to a mesmerized crowd at Tractor Tavern. After seven years together, punk rock group Coffin Break split up in 1994 and only occasionally play shows. Lucky for Macefield attendees, the band gave a rare performance to top off the night at Sunset Tavern. For those looking to end the evening with an upbeat dance-inducing show, seven piece Euro Dance Party U$A brought electro-enhanced, Balkan, folkdance-pop tunes to Conor Byrne for a body shaking, grin-inducing nightcap to alight the senses.

Prom Queen // photo by Morgen Schuler

Prom Queen // photo by Morgan Schuler

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