Live Video: White Lung

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Jacob Webb
photo by Amber Knecht (view set)

White Lung's frontwoman Mish Way is nothing less than a singular, commanding singer, but the ferocious spirit that fuels her performances is empowering, not intimidating. On the band's latest album, Deep Fantasy, Way and guitarist Kenneth William, drummer Anne-Marie Vassiliou, and bassist Hether Fortune tackle a series of difficult subjects – drug addiction, dysmorphia, and the reality of rape culture, to name a few – head on, only surfacing from the fight to scream their liberation. Going in that hard on those topics requires a degree of resolve, and across the twelve or so minutes they played during their session on Sonic Reducer last December, they played the musical counterpart to Way's unrelenting lyrics, tearing through four absolutely blistering punk explosions with the sort of aplomb that few bands can muster (much less ones that are nearing the end of a lengthy world tour.) Watch the absolutely riveting performance below.

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