Meet the New KEXP "Golden Eye" T-Shirt

Fundraising Drives

Today KEXP debuts the latest in listener-powered fashion: the “Golden Eye” T-shirt. Seattle designer Stuart Haury created this 2015 Spring Drive tee exclusively for music lovers who donate $100 or more to KEXP right now.

A graduate of the UW Design program, Stuart’s background in data visualization inspired this gold-on-black geometric design. “The concept of people powering KEXP triggered images of networks and systems mapping,” says Stuart. Look closely and you’ll notice the letter “I” connecting myriad lines within his design, just as music lovers who donate to listener-powered KEXP bind out community together.“Most of my work starts from a strong conceptual anchor,” he adds. “Every detail of a design has a reason. I’m attempting to tell a story and craft an experience, while being as simple as possible.”

Stuart discovered KEXP shortly after he arrived at the UW. “If you’re a music lover and on the hunt for new gems, you find out about KEXP pretty fast after moving to Seattle.” Today, some of Stuart’s favorite artists include Shabazz Palaces, Beach House, Flying Lotus, the Roots, Four Tet, Chet Faker, the xx, and LCD Soundsystem.

He relies on KEXP to introduce him to artists he’s never heard before, too. “KEXP is a consistent source of high-quality artists and curation of shows that still rivals all my new digital and Internet sources.”

Stuart works with a range of clients, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Target (you can check out his portfolio at, but he’s eager to do more with his peers in Seattle’s music and arts community. “Some of the most satisfying and entertaining work I can think of resolves around attaching art to music.”

To get your KEXP “Golden Eye” T-shirt, just make a gift of $100 or more today. You’ll feel like a million bucks knowing your contribution helps makes everything you see, hear, and enjoy on KEXP possible—and now you’ve got the tee to prove it.

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