Review Revue: Woo - It's Cosy Inside

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

It's nice to pick up a relatively obscure album from the KEXP stacks and discover that it's found a bit of new life in this century. It's not exactly a mysterious discovery along the lines of Light in the Attic's release of L'amour (though I will be looking for a vintage copy of that gem next time I'm in the station, just in case), but the wonderful label Drag City Records saw fit to re-release this odd little instrumental beauty a couple years ago, thirteen years after its original release on Independent Project Records. It's not often that I find Pitchfork reviews of the less well-known albums I write about on this blog, so I'm glad to see that this project got a little bit more recognition so long after its original release - and a 7.8 rating, which isn't too shabby. Of course, "M or H" is pretty good too.

"Interesting + unusual instrumental LP. M or H."

"Well put."

"Put well. Shot put."

"I like this a lot. It's in the vein of Dos & the Island of Saints comp - falls in between. M."

"Mellow, but really groovy. This would be especially good for evening + night time shows. Pounding bass on 'It's Cosy Inside.' The mix of noise + melody on some songs (like BB) seems strange to me."

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