Live Video: Yann Tiersen

Live Video, Wo' Pop
Matt Pritchard
photo by Dave Lichterman (view set)

With his eighth album, Infinity, on store shelves, international sensation Yann Tiersen, with his current collaborative outfit and a dazzling array of multicolored bells, toy pianos, and obscure woodwinds, cleverly crammed themselves into the studio for a cinematic live set, bringing the highly-acclaimed artist's sound to our eager listeners' ears. A violinist since his younger years, Tiersen is comfortable with a multiplicity of instruments, and displayed his aptitude throughout the session, switching from toy piano to flute mid-way through. Evidently, Tiersen's not one to pigeonhole himself, and we'll continue to keep seeing his work as it manifests over the oncoming years. Recently, Tiersen has embarked on his ambitious midsummer cycling tour, trudging 1000 kilometers across his native Brittany all while making appearances en-route in various record stores and venues for signings and secret shows. Écoute!

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