Review Revue: Green River - Come on Down

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

I last wrote about founding grungefathers Green River in this space over six years ago, if you can believe that. At the time Seattle was buzzing with gossip that they might be playing the Sub Pop 20th birthday celebrations that summer. I can now tell you that they did indeed play that weekend, and if there had been doors on Marymoor Park they would have utterly blown them off. I hadn't been particularly familiar with the band, but their set was actually one of my favorite from a weekend full of memorable performances.  They've reunited a couple more times to celebrate various anniversaries, but have been quiet for the past few years. Their recorded legacy, however, rages on, as did the debate on the merits of their debut EP, Come on Down.

"Seattle's own."

"Run o' the mill."

"They've got long hair."

"They're a bit green - har-d-har!"

"Are they a Creedence cover band?"

"Not bad a solid [continued, perhaps, on a missing label]"

"Now did they get their name from the soft drink, the killer, or the river itself?"

"The Killer"

"Green River: Can I call you guys just 'The River' . . . like the record by 'The Boss'?"

"'Ride of yr life' - killer. Esp. followed by 'Dark Companion' by Tuxedomoon."

"Corner of my eye is very cool - adrenaline yow!"

"Singer has long hair."

"And wears a dress + gold spandex - definitely bitchin'."

"Kinda childish lyrics, I think. I think Mark's writing was better in the novel writing class we had, I mean, 'New God' is pretty silly."

"I agree, these are some of the most misogynistic lyrics I've ever read. Are they conforming to the heavy metal ideal that women are less than human?"

"Gimme a break Abby."

"Aw shit Mark honey I'm sorry. But did I say that I think Come on Down is one of the funniest songs I've ever heard."

"The Moody Blues of the '80s."

"Fuck 'em all, Mark. This rocks."

"I hate to leap into the fray like this, but, um, sounds kinda ponderous a la 70's to me, including the lyrics. Oh, well."

"Iggy + Stooges re-incarnate."

"I voice an opinion and Jonathan wants to fuck me . . . what's this wacky, zany world comin' on down to?"

"My roommate thinks they sound like Black Sabbath. Mark 'Ozzy' Arm?"

"If you have the courage to make a statement about a record, at least have the guts to identify yourself."

"Sorry Jim - I didn't mean to irk you. PS - I worship this band."

"I'm sorry too, I didn't know it was you Jennifer. Gosh, I feel like such a butthead."

"Title cut is a rip-off of Ted Nugent's 'Stranglehold' . . ."

"So they're influenced. 'Come on Down' itself is is is makes my hair grow."

"**** Four stars!"

"I'm having a Black Sabbath flashback."


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