Live Video: Chad VanGaalen

Live Video
Matt Pritchard
photo by Dave Lichterman (view set)

The lyrics "My fingers have shriveled and dropped to the dirt / and two giant talons have grown where they were" sound like a recurring nightmare, but in Chad VanGaalen's song "Monster," that's exactly what he's looking for. Ramshackler extraordinaire, DIY genius, and honestly weird CVG showcased his ability to successfully blend the surreal world and the real world with the recent release of Shrink Dust, receiving a high 7.8 on Pitchfork Media. His music comes straight from his twisted heart and his mind's labyrinth, displaying itself as a fresh example of unfiltered emotion. Now, in addition to scoring and animating a feature-length sci-fi film, he's in two bands with his daughters, Crocodile Teeth & The Snugglers and Banana Bread. Providing escape in spellbinding nightmarescapes is what the Calgary-native creative artist does best, so check out his recent in-studio session at KEXP, and get your spook on!

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