Video Roundup: National Bike To Work Day + KEXP Energizer Station

Video Roundup
Matt Pritchard

Rogue cyclists! Transportation enthusiasts! Renegade environmentalists! Tighten those brakes, fill your tires, and grease that chain. Why? Because tomorrow, May 16th, is National Bike to Work Day. Sure, cycling is an excellent way to reduce pollution and stress levels, but how often do you get the opportunity to work-out before working-in?

When you're on your way, be sure to stop by KEXP at 113 Dexter Ave. N., as we're featuring an Energizer Station, where you can fuel up with refreshments, get free bike safety checks, pick up some gifts at the“Live at KEXP” Garage Sale”, and much more, all while listening to KEXP playing outside.

To get you motivated, we've amassed a wealth of bicycle-themed songs to help coax those little endorphins into showing their elusive selves. In classic KEXP fashion, the list includes songs by Kraftwerk, St. Vincent, and The Pixies (who knew bicycles were such a hot topic for songwriting?) So, unless you've placed a stationary bike underneath your desk, channel "spin-spiration" from these videos, and get that rusty derailleur back in working order ASAP. Give your body (and Mother Earth) what it wants this Friday, and we'll see you at KEXP and on the streets!

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