KEXP Suggests: 'Mo-Wave 4/11 - 4/18

KEXP Suggests
Matt Pritchard

Seattleites! Are you into affordable music festivals, diverse musicians, and general weirdos? Are you into DIY punk, wild performance, and ground-breaking, earth-shattering, social movements? Well, this April 10th through the 18th, Seattle is hosting the 'Mo-Wave! Festival, a celebration of the queer inside each of us.

Only in its second year, 'Mo-Wave presents another fresh assortment of queer musicians, like KEXP faves Tacocat, Ononos, Night Cadet, Dust Moth, Half Breed, Crypts, and many, many more. Music, visual, and performance art takes place at Chop Suey and PONY Seattle, with a festival launch at Summit Ave’s True Love Art Gallery on April 10th. Additionally, in case you cannot make it out to the festival this weekend, there is a performance exhibit the following weekend in the Velocity Dance Center. 'Mo-Wave was named "Best Festival" by the Seattle Weekly in only their first year, and they're doing their best to retain the crown! Check out the complete schedule below.Why the word "queer," you ask? Well, here's a brief explanation of the term from the 'Mo-Wave! organizers. "We appropriate the term queer and use it as distinctly different from plain old gay, because we like the way it connotes ‘weirdness’. We firmly believe that rejecting the status quo is crucial to the cultural contributions of us deviants & we seek to highlight that fact at every point. Queer is a complicated and loaded word, but us ‘Mo-Waver’s use it quite simply and freely. Even pejoratively (‘He’s queer!’, aka ‘He’s different! And I don’t like it!’), we like it. Because, damn right, we’re different. And that’s what makes us awesome."

Tickets, available on StrangerTickets, are $40 for a three-day pass, and single day prices are an affordable $15. Make strides this April by attending Seattle's second-annual, critically-acclaimed, 'Mo-Wave!

  • Kick-off and gallery opening – April, 10 at the True Love Art Gallery: Brian Britigan, Brian Kenny, Frank Correa, Frederic Fleury, Michael Horwitz, MKNZ, Narcissister, Slava Mogutin, Zackary Drucker.
  • Friday – April, 11 at Chop Suey: Death Metals, Dust Moth, Hot Fruit, L’Orth, Ononos. Hosted by Queen Mookie
  • Saturday – April, 12 at Chop Suey: Zebra Katz, Boy Funk, Half Breed, Hot Tears, Hypnotits, Palo Verde, Sashay, Spear & Magic Helmet (A Gits Tribute Band), Tacocat. Hosted by Ade
  • Pony Salon – April, 12 at Pony: S (Jenn Ghetto), Tenderfoot, Lonesome Leash, Jordan O’Jordan
  • Sunday — April, 13 at Chop Suey: Carletta Sue Kay, Night Cadet, Belles Bent for Leather, Glitterbang, Your Heart Breaks, Logan Lynn
  • Performance Exhibit – April, 18 at Velocity Dance Center: Matt Drews ft. Kyle Bernbach, Seth Tankus, Kt Shores, Juan Franco + Joshua Taylor, Gender Tender, Elby Brosh, Ariana Bird + Chelsea Rodino, Dylan Ward + James Kent, MKNZ, Paris Hurley

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