Live Video: Campfire OK

Live Video, Local Music
Jake Uitti
photo by Morgen Schuler (view set)

Mychal Cohen, lead singer for Seattle band Campfire OK, seems to always be singing behind a wry smile. In fact, each of the band members seem to share this sense of playing through a wink. From keyboard player, to vocals to banjos, bass and drums, the band imbues an aura of comfort and happiness – a sense that they are all in this game of playing music together and ain’t it grand?! The band recently released their second studio album, When You Have Arrived on Fugitive Recordings. To celebrate the release, Campfire OK stopped by Audioasis with DJ Sharlese wearing some of their fanciest attire – from a dark vest to a neat plaid scarf – and got to talking about Sharlese’s cat, Sade Snuggles. Maybe it’s these types of funny, personal conversations that keep the smiles on their faces. Check out their set here:

Full performance:

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