Black History Month Spotlight: Bad Brains

Sonic Reducer
photo by Atiba Jefferson

For Black History Month, KEXP asked our specialty show DJs to pick an outstanding African American artist in their genre. Brian Foss, one of the hosts of Sonic Reducer on KEXP, chose iconic punk band Bad Brains.

When Bad Brains hit the scene in 1977, they made waves in the DC hardcore scene, at first for being an all-Black group, and then for their irrefutable talent. Bad Brains combined the fury of punk with reggae, and the distinctive sound got them signed to SST Records for the 1986 album I Against I. Over the decades, they've broken-up and gotten back together, and band members have come and gone, but they're still bringing it loud and fast, and released their ninth studio album, Into the Future, in 2012.

Hear Bad Brains and more icons of punk on Sonic Reducer, every Saturday night from 9 PM to 12 AM.

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