Live Video: Man Man

Live Video
Janice Headley
photo by Victoria Holt (view set)

"We're not one-dimensional human beings, so why should our music be?" asked Honus Honus, the mastermind behind Philadelphia band Man Man. Their names may be repetitive (true to theme, the drummer goes by "Pow Pow"), but this experimental group is anything but, always striving to evolve their quirky adventurous sound. Their fifth album, On Oni Pond, out now on Anti- Records, is the next step in their evolution, adding more song structure to their zany prog-pop. Even their lyrics are evolving: instead of singing about the mystical moon-howler, the wolf, Honus has found himself singing about... well, CNN's Wolf Blitzer. The band even brought a screen-printed tunic of the newscaster to the KEXP studios. Find out more about their songwriting (and their relationship with Anderson Cooper) in this energetic, eccentric session below:

Full Performance:

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