Live Video: Helado Negro

Live Video, El Sonido
Jacob Webb
photo by Lauren Stelling (view set)

"There are some people in tinsel costumes around me... uh... that's what's happening." When Helado Negro is asked to describe his "bandmates" in the studio, that's how he does it, smirking with just enough hesitation to leave a sense of intrigue. On his latest album, Double Youth, the artist sometimes known as Roberto Lange embodies a similar spirit. Inspired by a tattered picture from his youth (that doubles as the album's cover), Lange dove even deeper into his funky and textural sensibilities on Double Youth, creating groove-laden electronic tracks that hit a more expansive scale that his modest home studio would imply. When he played on El Sonido in September, the Miami-born, Brooklyn-based musician took some time to showcase four of the album's tracks and discuss the album's creative process, his career making music under various monikers, and who exactly was in that picture with DJ Chilly. Watch the bilingual singer play four Double Youth songs below.

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