Live Video: JEFF the Brotherhood

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Brady Harvey (view set)

It's not just because they're young (or high) that brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall consider the "classics" bands like Pixies, Beck, and My Bloody Valentine. JEFF the Brotherhood draw from some fairly obvious influences for their sludgy punk-metal sound, but on their new EP, Dig the Classics, the Orrall's point to the diverse influences for their ever-present pop melodies at the root of all their songs, including also The Wipers, Teenage Fanclub and their contemporary Colleen Green. But if you know these guys, you know they've gotta make it sound like JEFF. So get ready for a blazing set, featuring an original from their forthcoming LP, two hits from Dig, and a beer-swillin' non-EP cover of Rush's "Working Man":


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