Live Video: Mac DeMarco at the Bumbershoot Music Lounge

Live Video, Bumbershoot
Jim Beckmann
photo by Dave Lichterman (view set)

First there was the Rat Pack, then the Brat Pack, and now... the Mac Pack? The uniforms may have changed – from suits to cardigans to oversized t-shirts and backwards-facing baseball caps – but the life-is-to-be-lived attitude of today's scene makers hasn't. Singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco embodies the persona as performer with his goofy exuberance and breezy banter, but even his onstage antics can't hid the luster of his slacker pop gems. During KEXP's broadcast over Labor Day weekend in the Music Lounge at Bumbershoot, the Canadian crooner charmed the shorts off the eager crowd as he and his swank-less band showed a new kind of sophistication. Read more about their session and see photos here and watch the full session below:

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