Review Revue: The Fleshtones - Hexbreaker!

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

We've got another insanely long-running band this week, with the Fleshtones, a band that's as old as I am and wayyyyyyy more productive. These garage rockers have been steadily serving up their "super rock" since their CBGB debut in 1976. In fact, Yep Roc is releasing their twenty-somethingth LP - their seventh this millennium - next month! (Not only did I not know that when I picked this record to write about, I also didn't know they'd released a Christmas album, or I would have been listening to it all last month.)As almost everyone at KCMU could agree (and there's always that one guy), the Fleshtones rock. Thirty years later, they show no signs of slowing down.

"From their bio: 'Hexbreaker champions the sounds of the Blues Magoos, Standells, Count Five, Raider[s] and Animals.' A lot of fun pressed into 12" of vinyl!"

"Another classic! They could have written Louie Louie! If only all music could be this good. Not only that, but they use an organ instead of synths for keyboards!"

"Good & tough."


"Great album!" Try 'Want' or 'Burning Hell.'"

"Wonderful record!!! Wonderful band!!!"

"These guys are fabulous."

"These guys are gods - they even have another album that says so!"

"'Brainstorm' burns."

"I can't believe these guys actually get money from a dwindling music business to record albums. Keep putting records out like this guys - no wonder Bruce Springsteen is so popular. At least his music is interesting & fun, not stupid like this."

"ooh, nasty. But you're Wrong!!!"

"And his fans are very opinionated."

"Springsteen! Springsteen! What does a spineless wimp like him have to do with a cool band like this? How long do you think Springsteen would last in the Cobra Clutch? I'd give him about 2 seconds. -Wrestling 1"

"Maybe 3 if he had his Wheaties. -Wrestling Jr."

"What are the dots for?"

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